Gemified in 2.6

The following libraries were made standard gems with Ruby 2.6:

Warning: This Ruby version has not been released, yet. Standard gem data might still change.

Default Gems

Gem Description Resources
bundler Bundler is the local package manager for Ruby applications RubyGems, GitHub, MRI, RDoc
e2mmap Abstraction around exception handling GitHub, MRI (1), MRI (2), RDoc
forwardable Provides a way to delegate method calls. Also see this overview of delegation in Ruby, which contains an example GitHub, MRI (1), MRI (2), MRI (3), RDoc
irb Interactive Ruby Console (REPL) GitHub, MRI (1), MRI (2), RDoc
logger Logging utility GitHub, MRI, RDoc
matrix Support for matrices GitHub, MRI (1), MRI (2), RDoc
mutex_m A mixin that makes any object behave like a mutex GitHub, MRI, RDoc
ostruct Wrapper around Hash which lets you read and set attributes with a method-based API GitHub, MRI, RDoc
prime Access to prime numbers and prime factorization GitHub, MRI, RDoc
rexml Support for XML (Extensible Markup Language) GitHub, MRI, RDoc
rss Support for RSS (Rich Site Summary) and Atom GitHub, MRI (1), MRI (2), RDoc
shell Provides a Ruby interface for interacting with the shell GitHub, MRI (1), MRI (2), RDoc
sync Two-phase lock with a counter for multi-threaded code GitHub, MRI, RDoc
thwait Waits for threads to finish GitHub, MRI (1), MRI (2), RDoc
tracer Outputs the code execution trace via Kernel#set_trace_func GitHub, MRI (1), MRI (2), RDoc

Bundled Gems

No bundled gems were introduced in 2.6.

More Standard Gems

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