Non-Gemified Standard Libraries

Standard Libraries

All libraries not listed on this page have already been transformed into standard gems.

Library Description Resources
coverage c Measures code coverage CRuby, RDoc
expect Adds IO#expect, which can be used to wait for a specific pattern to be read CRuby, RDoc
fiber c Adds Fiber#transfer and Fiber#alive? CRuby, RDoc
mkmf Generates Makefiles for native C extensions CRuby, RDoc
monitor c Monitors for multi-threaded code CRuby, RDoc
objspace c Adds more statistics methods to ObjectSpace CRuby, RDoc
pty c Manages pseudo terminals CRuby, RDoc
rbconfig c RbConfig is a Ruby constant that contains compile time information  
ripper c Ruby parser that creates a symbolic expression tree CRuby, RDoc
socket c Support for unix- and network sockets CRuby, RDoc
unicode_normalize Adds a String#unicode_normalize method which normalizes unicode strings CRuby (1), CRuby (2), RDoc
win32 c Let's you use Windows APIs, e.g. call functions in DLLs CRuby

More Standard Gems

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