Non-Gemified Standard Libraries

Standard Libraries

All libraries not listed on this page have already been transformed into standard gems.

Library Description Resources
abbrev Finds the shortest unique abbreviation amongst many strings CRuby, RDoc
base64 Encodes and decodes strings to a Base64 representation. Implemented as a small wrapper around String#unpack CRuby, RDoc
benchmark Benchmark utility: Measures and reports the time used to execute code CRuby, RDoc
cgi c Support for CGI (Common Gateway Interface) CRuby (1), CRuby (2), CRuby (3), RDoc
coverage c Measures code coverage CRuby, RDoc
debug Command-line debugger CRuby, RDoc
delegate Provides three ways to delegate method calls CRuby, RDoc
digest c Provides common hash functions like MD5, SHA1, SHA2, or RIPEMD-160 GitHub, CRuby, RDoc
drb Distributed object system for Ruby CRuby (1), CRuby (2), RDoc
English Readable aliases for special global variables CRuby, RDoc
erb Templating engine for Ruby CRuby, RDoc
expect Adds IO#expect, which can be used to wait for a specific pattern to be read CRuby, RDoc
fiber c Adds Fiber#transfer and Fiber#alive? CRuby, RDoc
find Finds all files in a given directory and its sub-directories CRuby, RDoc
getoptlong GNU getopt_long() style command-line option parsing CRuby, RDoc
io-nonblock c Allows to work with IO streams in a non-blocking way CRuby, RDoc
io-wait c Adds methods to wait until an IO stream becomes readable or writable CRuby, RDoc
kconv Adds the Kconv.kconv function which wraps the nkf (standard) library CRuby, RDoc
mkmf Generates Makefiles for native C extensions CRuby, RDoc
monitor Monitors for multi-threaded code CRuby, RDoc
net-ftp Support for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) CRuby, RDoc
net-http Support for HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) CRuby (1), CRuby (2), CRuby (3), RDoc
net-imap Support for IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) CRuby, RDoc
net-pop Support for POP3 (Post Office Protocol) CRuby, RDoc
net-protocol Internal class for the other net- libraries, going to be refactored/removed CRuby
net-smtp Support for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) CRuby, RDoc
nkf c Kanji encoding converter CRuby, RDoc
objspace c Adds more statistics methods to ObjectSpace CRuby, RDoc
observer Implementation of the observer pattern, a way to let interested other objects know o an objetc's updates CRuby, RDoc
open-uri Monkeypatches Kernel#open to support remote endpoints via net/http and net/ftp CRuby, RDoc
open3 Simple spawning of child processes CRuby, RDoc
optparse Command-line option parser CRuby (1), CRuby (2), CRuby (3), RDoc
pathname c Wraps File, FileTest, Dir, and FileUtils to ease working with file system paths CRuby, RDoc
pp Better object formatting and inspection. Comes with the pp print debugging helper via require 'pp' CRuby (1), CRuby (2), RDoc
pstore Transactional file storage for Ruby objects CRuby (1), CRuby (2), RDoc
pty c Manages pseudo terminals CRuby, RDoc
racc c Bindings for Racc, a YACC-like LALR(1) parser generator CRuby (1), CRuby (2), RDoc
rbconfig c RbConfig is a Ruby constant that contains compile time information  
readline c Interface to GNU Readline and NetBSD Editline CRuby, RDoc
resolv Thread-aware DNS resolver. Will replace Socket's DNS via require 'resolve-replace' CRuby (1), CRuby (2), RDoc
rinda Support fot the Linda distributed computing paradigm in drb CRuby, RDoc
ripper c Ruby parser that creates a symbolic expression tree CRuby, RDoc
securerandom Provides crpytographical randomness from openssl or the OS CRuby, RDoc
set Data structure for unordered collections without duplicates. Implemented on top of Hash. Also comes with SortedSet for ordered collections. CRuby, RDoc (1), RDoc (2)
shellwords Escape and manipulate commads to be run in the shell CRuby, RDoc
singleton Mixin for Ruby classes that should only have one instance CRuby, RDoc
socket c Support for unix- and network sockets CRuby, RDoc
syslog c Interface to the low-level syslog logger CRuby, RDoc
tempfile Simplifies OS independent creation of temporary files CRuby, RDoc
time Adds more methods to Time CRuby, RDoc
timeout Auto-terminates code blocks after the time limit is reached CRuby, RDoc
tmpdir Adds a Dir.mktmpdir method for creating temporary directories OS independently CRuby, RDoc
tsort Topological sorting using Tarjan’s algorithm, which finds strongly connected components in graphs CRuby, RDoc
un Utilities to replace common UNIX commands CRuby, RDoc
unicode_normalize Adds a String#unicode_normalize method which normalizes unicode strings CRuby (1), CRuby (2), RDoc
uri URI/URL manipulation CRuby (1), CRuby (2), RDoc
weakref Explicitely allow objects to be garbage collected CRuby, RDoc
win32 c Let's you use Windows APIs, e.g. call functions in DLLs CRuby
win32ole c Windows OLE automation interface CRuby, RDoc
yaml-dbm A wrapper around DBM using YAML serialization CRuby, RDoc
yaml-store A wrapper around pstore using YAML serialization CRuby, RDoc

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