Standard Gems 2.3.5

Default Gems

Gem Version Description Resources
bigdecimal c 1.2.8 Support for arbitrary-precision floating point decimal arithmetic RubyGems, GitHub, MRI, RDoc
io-console c 0.4.5 Patches IO for simple and portable access to the console RubyGems, GitHub, MRI, RDoc
json c Support for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) RubyGems, GitHub, MRI, RDoc
psych c Support for YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language) RubyGems, GitHub, MRI, RDoc
rdoc 4.2.1 Ruby documentation generator RubyGems, GitHub, MRI (1), MRI (2), RDoc

Bundled Gems

Gem Version Description Resources
did_you_mean 1.0.0 Patches error messages to suggest correct spelling of methods/classes/variables RubyGems, GitHub
minitest 5.8.5 Test/spec framework, comes with mocking and benchmark capabilities RubyGems, GitHub
net-telnet 0.1.1 Support for Telnet RubyGems, GitHub
power_assert 0.2.6 Debug tool that displays intermediate results of a method chain RubyGems, GitHub
rake 10.4.2 A Ruby task runner, inspired by make RubyGems, GitHub
test-unit 3.1.5 A xUnit family unit testing framework RubyGems, GitHub

More Standard Gems

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